1. Web Developer

A complete set of tools to scan your webpage code. Check how well your site is coded in terms of seo. With this extension you will be able to see your website in a bigger picture. The tool is also available for other browsers.

Web Developer Chrome Extension

Webpage Screenshot Chrome Extension

2. Webpage Screenshot

One picture is worth 1000 words. Adding this extension simplifies communication and speeds up the work of the team. The tool allows you to quickly capture a picture anywhere on the page or in its entirety. The ability to save a file in both the cloud and on disk. Additional opportunity to share screenshot in social media.

3. What Font?

If you are not sure what font is in your website, you can check it easy with the help of this extension. It is easy to find out which font uses competition.

What Font Chrome Extension

Word and Character Count Chrome Extension

4. Word and Character Count

Count how many words or letters contain descriptions on your site. Measure the length of the meta titles with one click. The extension has highlighted text on a page. A very useful tool particularly in cooperation with the copywriter.

5. ColorZilla

With this tool you can check what colour is your website. Download the colour from any elements from within the site. This colour picker allows you to download colours even from the images. Tool will copy hexagonal GB and HSL code for colour.

colorzilla chrome extension

Word and Character Count Chrome Extension

6. Page Ruler

Page Ruler is a Google Chrome extension that lets your draw out a ruler to any page and displays the width, height and position of it.