Adding a new users

How to add users to your WordPress website? There are two ways to add a new members. We can open registration and let him set up his own account or administrator of the account can add it manually, through the control panel. The first method allows you to create an account to anyone who will feel like it. If we gave the opportunity to comment on the articles only registered users, but if we want to have them only a few and assign them specific role would recommend to use the second method and enter the new user manually, and the option to disable the registration for all. You can do this from top bar using button “+New” or from backed menu by using User tab.


For a start, enter your username, easy to remember and remember that this field is required. The name will be simultaneously login to the new user. Then we enter the e-mail address and confirm it in the second field – it will serve to remind the forgotten password and to receive different types of notifications.

Further fields are not required and if you want you can enter Name and Surname there as well as information about the user.

The next step is to create a password, it must be so strong that no novice hacker guessed it in five minutes. The new user with the login password, we can send the property by email.

The last option is to choose the role they will serve as a new user on the site. Each role that we can assign has a variety of powers. The subscriber gives the least privileges, while the Administrator has them most. Permissions must be adjusted so as to allow them to perform a role that predicted for the new user.

To add a new user with admin level, click the Users tab and there go to Add new.

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Understanding users roles


The administrator can do anything! An administrator can install the plugins, change themes, delete photos, videos or any action that could make you alone. Have access to all levels, can add and delete users.


If you want to allow the user to add article and edit them (he only added) then you should give him the right of staff. Collaborator can write posts, but can not publish them.


Editor permissions are a bit wider. Such a user can do what author, but also can edit, delete posts other users. However, there is no impact on the plug, themes etc.


However, if you want to let someone not only write posts and publish them but then you should assign the right author. It can add, publish, edit and delete only your posts.


The subscriber can only have your profile on the site, does not have permission to write articles. The role ascribe only to those who can write comments.

Managing users in WordPress

As an administrator you can add and delete users at any time. Also we have insight into their profiles and can be changed at any time. We also have the power to change their passwords. To expand the possibilities of control over what can and what can not, our users can take advantage of available plugins that allow you to add new fields to user profiles, add biography there for Authors like.

I hope that now better understand the opportunities offered to you in the management of WordPress users. For more information, I invite you to other articles and guides.