Advanced WordPress Course


I offer you the ready process of back-end and front-end modification that I’ve tested and checked during 6 years of work as a website designer. The training will allow you to create a new version of your website and give you the knowledge of how to improve and modernise it in the future.

I’m more than happy to share with you the best practice and website design tips.

It’s time to learn how to build a website like an expert!

*Brief and quotation are totally free! Check price for the training.

The Action Plan

First Two Meetings

At the first two meetings we will discuss the concepts of your website and its structure. You will create documentation of your project and learn how to manage the content of your website. In addition, I will present a case study of business models for your website. One of the most important things to learn before creating a website is to know how to select an appropriate themes. Therefore the first meeting main result is to allow you to get that knowledge. You will learn the trends, where to buy and how to choose a suitable template. You will also learn where to buy the domain and how to select the server. The first meeting will give you the basic important information and knowledge that you must know before any further steps.

Between meetings

From my experience, you should not hurry with the decision regarding the website. There is a lot of information that should be prepared before you start building the site.  You will need to review the links that will be sent to you as one of the post-training materials. Moreover you will need some time to create content, a sample page description or post on the blog. Additionally you need to review the links that you get in the post-training materials. You also need time to create content, a sample page description or post on the blog. The extent of the time for you to prepare all of the required information will be agreed at the end kf the first meeting together with the second meeting date.

More Meetings

During the next meetings, you will create your own website. I will explain you how to use all tools in WordPress CMS. You will learn how to create and update your website or redesign and upgrade the existing one.

Course syllabus

1. WordPress settings
2. Always do a backup
3. Change the theme
4. Plugins for everything
5. Photo galleries
6. Sliders
7. Advanced Forms
8. Social media
9. Content management
10. Mega and sticky menu
11. Posts and pages
12. Categories and tags
13. Maps plugins
14. Video plugins
15. Users management
16. Video plugins
17. Layout building
18. Landing pages
19. Registrations system
20. Comment managment


THe participants

This course is for people with an idea for their website and business plan. Also for website owners who would like to change the design and learn to manage. This training is advanced and you should expect complete the existing knowledge and learn new skills.


Price and options

Everything will begin after the completion of the form of top of page. To priced your training need establish scope of duties and the size of the website. The Advanced WordPress Training Plan will be prepared individually upon request.


Planned results

The main result of this Course is your new website. Find out the best way to change the layout of elements on the pages, add new features, edit and extend functionality. You will learn how to exploit opportunities of WordPress website!

Who runs the course?

marek-madej-wordpress-trainarI have been a WordPress trainer over 4 years now. I’ve noticed that for the Client, the training is a key element in the website creation process, especially for smaller businesses and individuals. Over the years I have collected knowledge through my research and work. It is a combination of theory and practice as I’ve tested theory on ‘live’ pages. The ‘tested’ knowledge I have is the one that I would like to share with you.

Important notice

During training, you will work on your laptop. All costs will be provided to accept before you start training. Travel costs to the training participants are not included in the price. Price training covers the costs of lunch.

Training materials

Each participant will receive upon completion of the training course materials. Will contain detailed information about the parts up with training and instructions for tasks. The materials will be accompanied by documentation of training which will create at the first meeting. The whole will be a place for you where you will be able to come back after the training.

Course level:
Skills you will get:
Redesign template
Extend functionality
Plugins management
Content management

Advanced WordPress Training London

Advanced WordPress Course in London

I run my training courses mainly in London but my aim is to organise them across the UK. Therefore the time and location of the course depend on your preferences.


Marek Madej | Wordpress Trainer

I have been a WordPress trainer for almost 4 years. I've noticed that for the Client, the training is a key element in the website creation process, especially for smaller businesses and individuals. The ability to update and carry on with own website allows to be independent and same time save some money. I trained more than 250 people that included individuals, small and big businesses, non governmental organisations and bloggers. The trainings were international and took a places in Poland, Great Britain and India. To get my qualification I went through the number of workshops, trainings and courses in communication, self-presentation, team leading, planning and project management.
You can contact me by mobile: 07798 705 295 or email: [email protected].
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