SEO Audit and UX Report

The audit is the first step to bring your site to top of search results. Collect all of the necessary information to be on the first position in the search results for all of your keywords. Transform your page into a user-friendly place, prettify it and add all the essential features. Help Google-boot to start to index all of your pages and images.

Apply for the SEO Audit Report to save a lot of time and stress. Take advantage of my experience. Together we can do more! Find out that the solution is within easy reach.

Do not waste your money and time. Book your SEO Audit Report today.

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Professional SEO Audit Report is focused on the analysis of external and internal factors determining the visibility of the page in search results. It presents details about any errors that may weaken the position of the site.

Auditing allows to detect and eliminate errors on the website. It can help you to increase return on investment, save time and reduce spending money on activities that do not bring the expected results.

There are different types of SEO audits that may be more or less detailed. It can focus on different elements of a website. To choose the best audit option for you please read the information below.

SEO Audit

When an SEO audit?

SEO audit is recommended for many reasons – when you are planning to begin the process of positioning the site, before migrate site to different domain or when your website is a start-up.

It is also advised to get an audit when you notice a significant decrease in organic movement on your page in a short period of time.

In my opinion, any planned changes to your website should be preceded by a SEO audit. It will help you to create SEO strategy and understand your goals.

Brief and quotations

Everything starts with a brief. Your needs and expectations as the owner of the website are my priority. I think the connection of the knowledge of your internet activity with my experience is the key to finding solutions to problems. Brief will help us to determine the objectives and scope of the SEO audit. A quotation will be based on the brief and it will include detailed range of activities, and analysis. Pricing should not take longer than 7 days.


seo analyss


The analysis of your website will be carried out in several stages. It will take up to 30 days depending on your choice of SEO audit options and the range of information about your website you would like to receive. More detailed analysis give you more detailed report that will contain the list of guidelines to fix errors on your website.

Technical SEO

To strengthen the positions of the web you should find and eliminate WordPress 404 errors

  1. Management of indexation
  2. Domain management
  3. Server configurations
  4. Markup schema
  5. Robots.txt
  6. XML Sitemap
  7. 404 Errors
  8. Redirections
  9. Search Console Connection
  10. Google Analytics Connection
WordPress 404 errors

On site SEO

On site SEO

On site SEO includes all internal activities carried out within the service – its structure and the way to create and present content to users and search bots.

  • Content of Page
  • URLs
  • Canonical structure
  • Headlines H1 – H6
  • Title tags
  • Outbound Links
  • Open graph
  • UX and Design
  • Coding
  • Image names and Alt text

Off site SEO

Off site SEO contains external operations which include all activities carried out outside the website, e.g. back-links and creating a dedicated services facilities links to your site. Most frequently implemented activities are:

  • Link Building
  • Social Media
  • Social bookmarking
  • Local Search Tactics
  • Advertising / PPC – Outreach
  • Content Marketing
  • Press Releases
Of site SEO

Keywords analysis

Keywords analysis

Keyword research is the foundation of the promotion process in the search engines. Therefore it is important to know the language of your potential customers and clients to use the right words. The selection of relevant keywords typed into search engines by users is the key to effective positioning of the page and many other marketing activities. Therefore it should be one of the first steps taken.

Additional elements of the SEO audit Report



User experience testing is based on checking if navigation and functionality of your website are suitable for users behaviour. The main result of the UX test is conversion increase.

Speed test

Speed test

Speed test is checking of loading time of a web pages in  the browsers. The result will be presented in a report with proposed solutions to the problems. A fast website is a key to success.

mobile-friendly website


Nowadays a mobile-friendly website that will be responsive to all types of devices is a must. The report will contain suggestions how to modernise the layout and adjust the appearance to the current standards.

Audit E-commerce


The analysis is intended for the owners of on-line retail or those who want to establish an e-commerce business. For each participant the range of analysis will be matched to their business profile.

Social media

Social media

Check the quality and range of your social media channels. Prepared report about your customers will contain the opportunities for social network. It will also include a list of available profiles.

Competitors analyss


Analysis of your competitors allows you to set standards of communication with users and the upper limit of the effective range for your website. BAlways be one step ahead of the others

SEO Report

SEO Report

The report is a set of guidelines which will encourage you to discuss the steps needed to be taken in order to improve the progress of your website. SEO reports contain data about your site’s performance in Google search. This information can help you to identify opportunities and prioritise the activities related to the increased number of visits. The report will be prepared as a PDF document. It will contain descriptions of analysed elements, graphics and charts together with the explanation of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Don’t wait and improve your website today!

Future is yours! See your website in a bigger picture.

Future is yours

*Brief and quotations are free of charge! Why not to try it now?


Marek Madej | Wordpress Trainer

I have been a WordPress trainer for almost 4 years. I've noticed that for the Client, the training is a key element in the website creation process, especially for smaller businesses and individuals. The ability to update and carry on with own website allows to be independent and same time save some money. I trained more than 250 people that included individuals, small and big businesses, non governmental organisations and bloggers. The trainings were international and took a places in Poland, Great Britain and India. To get my qualification I went through the number of workshops, trainings and courses in communication, self-presentation, team leading, planning and project management.
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