WordPress For Beginners

15 Hours live on-line training Course

The course was built so that you will be given a step by step guidance through the process of self-creation of your own website.

It really is not difficult and you do not need any special knowledge in the field of programming. All you need to have is access to the Internet and a little patience. Results – past your expectations.

For people who want to start the adventure with WordPress website but don’t know how to.

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Build website which you will be proud of.

WordPress For Beginners Course Program:

1. Developer Tool Box

Necessary programs and extensions to Google Chrome – without them you shouldn’t start creating your website!

2. Registering domain name and choosing hosting service

Shared server or dedicated server? Get help with your first decisions – website name and domain registration information.

3. What Is WordPress?

Glossary of basic – the meaning and practical application of “magic words and mysterious terms”.

4. How to install wordpress

Introduction to working with WordPress, including what you should do immediately after installation.

5. Dashboard / Updates / Settings / Users / Tools
6. Themes

WordPress Themes are collections of CSS, HTML5, graphics and plug-ins, which are combined to create a graphical presentation of the website. Easy-to-use and responsive. Learn how to choose a template and install it in the administration panel.

7. Installing Plugins

Plugins can extend the functionality of your website and add a whole new set of options. You will find out about plugins, what they are, how to find, install and configure them.

8. Media Library

Let’s talk about the images posted on the website using the media library function. Create impressive galleries and photo albums  thanks to special plugins.

9. Creating Posts and Pages

Basic understanding of how to add posts and pages to your website. But that’s not all. The more content on your site, the greater the need of organising. Therefore, find out how to use categories and tags.


The WordPress comments system has quite limited options. Fortunately, there are a lot of plugins that are trying to make up for these shortcomings, as well as external systems through which we can completely replace WordPress comments. Learn about the most important plugins.

11. Social plugins

Social media have already become a part of our daily life. Who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social network? Learn how to connect social media to your site in a very simple way.

12. How to back up your site

Regular backups of your website are essential. Current backup files and the database help in case of website infection, update failure or service data loss. Learn step by step how to make a copy of all pages and the database as well as how to set an automatic backup.


The WordPress For Beginners Course is a compendium of knowledge on how to a create company website or blog using free WordPress content management system. The course will prepare you to create the website from scratch. The training is based on the rapidly growing WordPress development that effectively presents the content and graphics on the web.

Audience for this course?

WordPress For Beginners is designed for people who are looking for a very easy way to start making their own blogs or web pages. You do not need to know HTML, CSS or MySQL in order to create a first-class site. When asked who this course is for, I can safely say for almost everyone. Give yourself a chance and try!

Wordpress For Beginners

Course level:
Skills you will get:
Installing WordPress
Adding posts and pages
WP Settings
Creating image gallery
Contact form
Install plugins
Connect Social
Comment managment

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I am fascinated by the people and their ideas for the businesses. My passions are internet design and development. Add me to your social network.

Following these simple steps you can laugh about how easy website design and developing is. Sign up now.


Marek Madej | Wordpress Trainer

I have been a WordPress trainer for almost 4 years. I've noticed that for the Client, the training is a key element in the website creation process, especially for smaller businesses and individuals. The ability to update and carry on with own website allows to be independent and same time save some money. I trained more than 250 people that included individuals, small and big businesses, non governmental organisations and bloggers. The trainings were international and took a places in Poland, Great Britain and India. To get my qualification I went through the number of workshops, trainings and courses in communication, self-presentation, team leading, planning and project management.
You can contact me by mobile: 07798 705 295 or email: [email protected].
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