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Training will cover to a large extent the subject of SEO in the context of optimising a page built on WordPress and its positioning in the search engines results. Technical optimisation will help to improve the speed of the loading time of the pages.

Participants will learn how to post content on the page correctly, integrate the site using analytical tools and verify its contents. I will also cover the process of reading and analysing data.

Do you want to move up in search ranking results?

Increase the speed of your site once and for all.

What’s in the course programme?

1. WordPress settings and Themes options

When we look at the back-end of WordPress we see a very well optimised system that gives significantly better opportunities crawled individual pages by Googlebot than other CMS available on the market nowadays. O course you can always improve a good project and I will show you how to achieve that.

2. SEO Plugin Installation and configuration

Despite the fact that WordPress itself gives great opportunities for optimisation, you might be interested in SEO plugins which give the control over the ranking factors. Throughout training, I will present a set of plugins that I think are necessary to improve the position of the page.

3. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools integration

There is no doubt that one of the most important tools to measure the effectiveness and ranking is website statistics. Of course WordPress is equipped with mechanisms which make it easy for you to install the tracking code yourself, whose task is to perform measurements on site. The purpose of this point will be to show how easily yourself, you can manage statistics on your website.

4. Page speed and Cache plugins

As your website  becomes more popular, the  server resource consumption is also growing. It can result in slowing down the page loading time in a browser. Therefore the bounce rate and exits will increase. That will automatically lead to the reduction number of visitors on the website. During the WordPress SEO Training I will teach you how to easily speed up site using cache plugins.

5. Image optimisation

Based on the principle that a picture says more than a thousand words I suggest to use them as often as possible. Large images can significantly slow down the loading of the page. The best way to improve this is an independent, manual optimisation. As part of the training I will teach you how to optimise them with the help of plugins.

6. Mobile test / responsive layout

A mobile website is one that adapts itself to the size of the screen and it is a ranking factor. A responsive site also adjust the font size, spacing, images and all other elements of the layout. Be assured that regardless of the device, everyone will be able to clearly read your content.

7. Informations architecture

Creating a website structure plays a key role. You should pay particular attention to navigation, search within the page and design landing pages. Proper, transparent structure will increase the readability and it will have an impact on the positioning of the site in the search engine results.

8. Content management – keywords research

The issue of selection of the appropriate phrase is a key element in positioning your site. Success often depends on the choices made at this stage, and also on the effectiveness. No two phrases have the same value – some of them are more important than others for your website. Learn how to choose the best keywords and where to place them on each landing page.


Training will allowed you to extend youy website backend and strat manage indexed content area. Position on the top of the first page of the search results is the dream of almost every owner of a website. It goes without saying that this greatly affects the development of the company. What determines on which Google page is our website displayed?  You can find the answer to those, and other similar questions during the WordPress SEO Training.

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About me


You deserve a trainer who listens, understands and makes it work. I’m committed to help you learn more.

What WordPress SEO training gives you?

Course level:
Skills you will learn:
Understanding SEO
Reading Analytics
Keyword strategy
Development Skills
Page speed
Website architecture

The course will cover the basics of the technical SEO and the whole process of on page optimisation which should be repeated regularly in order to maintain a high position in browsers.

I hope that the knowledge that you will find at WordPress SEO Training will help you to understand what Search Engines are and what you can do by yourself to optimise your website. With the knowledge gained during the course your site will be based on solid foundations, and the position of the page in the search results will gradually improve.

The training will give you the opportunity to control the position of your website on the search engine ranking yourself. You will gain skills required for keyword research and content analysis. You will learn how to optimise your website using SEO plugins, read data and to use it in order to reach the highest number of your customers.

Learn how to take control of all ranking factors and increase website position in search results.


Marek Madej | Wordpress Trainer

I have been a WordPress trainer for almost 4 years. I've noticed that for the Client, the training is a key element in the website creation process, especially for smaller businesses and individuals. The ability to update and carry on with own website allows to be independent and same time save some money. I trained more than 250 people that included individuals, small and big businesses, non governmental organisations and bloggers. The trainings were international and took a places in Poland, Great Britain and India. To get my qualification I went through the number of workshops, trainings and courses in communication, self-presentation, team leading, planning and project management.
You can contact me by mobile: 07798 705 295 or email: [email protected].
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