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WordPress Training Courses

Everyone can learn how to design, build and manage their own website. WordPress has been created especially for people who don’t have any programming skills but would like to become website owners.

Each training is prepared individually. It’s a unique combination of plugins and themes depending on the character and functionality of what the website had to have. Training contains compressed knowledge that allows to save your time.

It is built on 8 years experience of working with different clients on a wide range of websites.

Would you like to have your own website? Are you a creative person who wants to share your passion / profession on-line? Is your aim to beat your competitor’s website? Do you want to present your business better on line?

If answer is ‘YES’ to any of these questions don’t wait and give yourself a chance! Chose the easy way by using my knowledge and experience and book your course today!

Based on that experience I adapt my training to your preferences. You can choose best option for you from 3 variations:

1. Individual Training

Individual training is one intense day of work on the integral, effective implementation of changes to your website and allows you to gain new skills in your life. The results will depend on the type of training chosen. During WordPress Training we will concentrate on how to improve the functionality of your website.

2. Group Courses

Group WordPress Courses are the cheapest option which involves working with groups of up to twelve people. This form of training will take place in especially designated classrooms.

3. On site

Another option is the possibility to organise WordPress Training on site for the whole team divided into different types of users. Each group could be trained separately depending on their function in the making and the managing of the website.

For who?

The main audience for WordPress Training Courses are people who want to learn how to create a new website or website owners who want to find out how to develop and redesign their existing website. It is important to match the choice of course to your experience and the website type.

Each participant will receive a training materials which includes information on the course in order to come back to the matter discussed. During the course I will happily answer any questions you might have.

There are 4 types of WordPress Trainings
Choose the one that suits you best

Wordpress For Beginners

WordPress for beginners

This course is designed for people who do not yet own a website or those who would like to completely recreate their website from scratch. During course you will learn about all the WordPress settings and all basic functions.

Advance WordPress Training

Advanced WordPress

This course is planned for those who already own a website but would like to redesign it or extend its functionality. This form of training covers the change of WordPress Themes. We will be working with over twenty plugins.

Wordpress Seo Training Course Image

WordPress SEO

In order to begin this course it is required that you have a website in WordPress. It includes the technical optimisation of the existing website and connecting to the analytical tools. Also in this course you will learn about the content creation process.

E-commerce WordPress Training

WordPress E-commerce

A course intended for owners of internet shops or those who want to establish an ecommerce online business. For each participant, the training program will be matched to their business profile.

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Marek Madej | Wordpress Trainer

I have been a WordPress trainer for almost 4 years. I've noticed that for the Client, the training is a key element in the website creation process, especially for smaller businesses and individuals. The ability to update and carry on with own website allows to be independent and same time save some money. I trained more than 250 people that included individuals, small and big businesses, non governmental organisations and bloggers. The trainings were international and took a places in Poland, Great Britain and India. To get my qualification I went through the number of workshops, trainings and courses in communication, self-presentation, team leading, planning and project management.
You can contact me by mobile: 07798 705 295 or email: [email protected].
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